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Objectives: after the journey in various Teresian International Congresses dedicated to the study of each of the major of works of Saint Teresa during the years 2010-2014, this Congress aims to approach the figure of Teresa of Jesus from a broader and interdisciplinary perspective. Teresa de Jesus is a model in many areas of the culture and life in which her presence is very significant. This Congress aims to reveal all these facets and dimensions, with a view to explain the figure and the writings of Teresa as an authentic cultural heritage of humanity.

Scientific Committee: Tomás Álvarez, Maximiliano Herraíz, Secundino Castro, Rómulo Cuartas Londoño, Fco. Javier Sancho, Cristiana Dobner...

Languages: The Congress will feature simultaneous translation in four languages: Spanish, English, French, and Italian, and will be broadcasted entirely over the internet..

General dynamics and methodology of the Congress: As the central objective is to highlight the value of Teresa de Jesus as world heritage, the Congress will be held around three main axes:

  • master conferences (in morning hours)
  • round tables and debates (at various times during the Congress)
  • thematic contributions: ample space for conferences and communications on thematic areas (usually in the afternoon and in parallel symposia).

The central theme of the Congress would be organized around three fundamental axes:

  1. history, language, literature, and interdisciplinary studies.
  2. thought, doctrine, and message.
  3. Teresa in dialogue: news, ecumenism, interreligious dialogue.
World Teresian Congress - Avila 2015 - CITeS

In parallel to the Congress it will be held The International Teresian Fair and the I International Festival of Mystical and Teresian Music
with free participation for all attendees to the Congress.
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